At William Wright Artist Projects May-June 2016.

Indeterminate States is a focused inquiry into the idea of fixed or static absolutes of knowledge. The project is designed to consider what it means to develop a rational understating of our experience and create an expression of that process that develops both complex meaning and powerful agency through communication with audiences.

Rather than pursuing concrete evidence or collecting supporting data, Indeterminate States conceives of knowledge as an imprecise or approximate description of the real world. In a sense, this project suggests that knowledge itself is a form of theory, a projection and consistent prediction of our understanding of the world and our experience of and within it. The project emphasizes the imaginative states required to develop conceptual frameworks that enable us to no only negotiate daily life, but also to understand and operate coherently in a universe that is almost completely unknown and unexplained by current systems of observation and interpretation.

Like other forms of description - say, writing, coding, depicting, or modelling - art is a flexible, inventive vehicle for such an inquiry. Using historically constructed conceptual and theoretical models of knowledge, direct and indirect observational strategies, tangible physical materials, and technical practices to generate forms and images that are driven by imagination, in concert with compelling or arresting psychological and visceral effects.

The artists included in this project, John di Stefano, Gabriella & Silvana Mangano, and Coen Young, use different forms and materials in their work, while producing somewhat similarly evocative and sometimes ethereal forms of imagery that conjure a sense of an unfixed, near intangible frame of reference. Yet this dream-like quality or the imprecise, diffused nature of the imagery is no more mysterious or no less concrete than more recognisable or more referential forms of representation and image making. In fact the oblique references to the real in this body of works may be an equally accurate description of a state of existence that is in flux and cannot be ever be entirely accurately measured, described, or represented. But rather the inferred, the implied, and the assumed construct our relationship to reality–a reality, a sense of knowing that is perpetually transitional and invisibly, unconsciously, constantly recalibrating our position.

Curator: Gary Sangster, and Associate Curators: Alia DiPaolo, Emma Fowler, and Bridget Miniatel